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Things To Do with Foods from A Dash of Culture

Leap for Joy at The Savoy

Every holiday has its traditional recipes.  Leap Year, however, is not typically associated with food traditions in modern Western culture.  Many people are given to party themes with cookies and other confections based on the Leap Frog idea, but I find this to be somewhat lacking. The most interesting modern recipe I found for today is the Leap Year Cocktail, a modern sour cocktail with a well-documented history mixed with “sundry notes of amusement and interest concerning them”. The Prohibition years in the United States may have tried to stop one industry, but it resulted in a boon for others, … Continue reading

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Lentils: In Search of Cold Weather Comfort…

The last few days here have switched quickly between dry warmth and cold damp, bringing snow and ice for the first time this winter.  While it was just a brief dip in temperature (today’s back to warm, humid spring weather long before the vernal equinox), I couldn’t resist the urge to make a hot comfort food.  It was a good day for a bowl of…what?  I didn’t feel like hauling out the crock-pot to wait for a slow-cooked chili.  Besides, I just recently finished the frozen leftovers of chili from the Super Bowl (Go Big Blue!).  Ultimately, I let my … Continue reading

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Mashed Sweet Potatoes

New twist on a classic comfort food… When I started a dietary routine to rule out food sensitivities, I couldn’t eat white potatoes or other nightshade vegetables for at least 3 weeks.  This meant no mashed potatoes or Italian food for that time as well, so I had to come up with meals that would be equally satisfying and easy to prepare.  Did I mention that dairy was out, too?  My love for good food and cookbooks came in handy while I adjusted my food selections.  Luckily, I also live in the reigning state for sweet potato production.  North Carolina … Continue reading

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