New succession plantings and intercroppings…

It’s been a while since I have written posts for A Dash of Culture. Most of my time on this project has been sharing stories on the Facebook page about interesting items related to food and culture from all areas, like agriculture to art history. Now it’s time for a fresh start. Over the next few months, I will be updating the look of the website, including an actual logo. I will be searching for guest writers to share their stories of food and culture, too. I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact me as the … Continue reading

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Insider’s view of dinner at Songwriter’s Café

An earlier post on Songwriter’s Café shared a glimpse of this live-streamed music venue in Birmingham, England. As the first guest blogger on A Dash of Culture, Robin Valk of Radio To Go imparts his intimate view of the flow that brings together musicians and wordsmiths over dinner each season with host Paul Murphy at Songwriter’s Café. It starts on Wednesday, when Paul and Valeria work out some numbers. How many musicians? How many helpers? What sort of margin for error? How’s the salad patch looking? Then it’s off for eggplants and supplies for Thursday night’s communal supper. Are we … Continue reading

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Food for the Soul: Music and Aubergines at the Songwriter’s Café

It always amazes me how the simple act of preparing and sharing a meal brings people together in so many creative ways, especially when the experience includes live music and poetry.  These moments are even more special when the artists are the dinner guests.  This is how the Songwriter’s Café is run over in Birmingham, England.  Host Paul Murphy is singer and songwriter in the Birmingham band, The Destroyers, a 15-member ensemble of very energetic musicians. What started in 1996 at a local tavern as an open venue for musicians and poets to come together has morphed into a small, … Continue reading

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